November 28, 2018

Episode 4: Prescriptive masculinity, uncomfortable convos about money, and Nando makes his own deodorant

JLib and Nandeez are back with episode four of JV Superstars. This episode is (hopefully) a little more focused on a few main topics. Jon is fed up with the prescriptive nature of our society's view on masculinity, and Nando is working through negotiating his salary at his new job and how to talk about money with friends (without it being awkward). We also learned that Nandeez makes his own deodorant. So probably don't hug him next time you see him. You've been warned.


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JV Superstars is an authentic and honest podcast about modern manhood. Two lifelong friends cover topics ranging from masculinity, relationships, sex, sobriety, mental health, social issues and more, all with a unique perspective and signature sense of humor.

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