January 11, 2019

Episode 6: Talking about pregnancy, miscarriage, loss, grief, shame, and societal convention

JLib and Nandeez are back, talking about the big events that have happened recently in their lives (actually mostly Jon's). Namely, Jon and his wife Leah's pregnancy and the loss of their baby at 10.5 weeks. Jon explores all the ways in which that loss affected him and the different challenges it created. The guys also discuss the societal convention of not talking about a pregnancy until the second trimester, why that custom exists, and Jon's firsthand experience with how he and his wife handled talking about the pregnancy and talking about the miscarriage.

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JV Superstars is an authentic and honest podcast about modern manhood. Two lifelong friends cover topics ranging from masculinity, relationships, sex, sobriety, mental health, social issues and more, all with a unique perspective and signature sense of humor.

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